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SuperGlide solution for fifth wheel trailers towed by short bed trucks.
Eliminates the need to stop and re-position the hitch to complete sharp turns.

MOR/Ryde Pin Box System makes for a smoother ride and eliminates jerking caused by uneven road surfaces. Especially those nasty interstate expansion joints.
Blue Ox Bedsaver Solution. Have you ever wondered what would happen if your fifth wheel came unhitched while towing? Forgetting to hitch the fifth securely, forgetting the hitch receiver safety clip has happened to the best of us. It's an expensive lesson. The Bedsaver provides a unique solution to the problem.

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Slime RV & Truck Tire Inflator
Perfect for Dual Wheel Trucks
Inflates to 150 PSI

If you have a truck with dual rear wheels then you will really appreciate the Slime Tire Inflator. The Slime tire inflator screws onto the tire valve so you do not need to hold it while inflating. Regular clip type inflators do not fit onto dual wheels unless valve extensions have been fitted. It also allows for better access to the inner rear wheels tire valve which can be difficult to reach. Perfect for RV tires, will inflate up to 150 PSI
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