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Fifth wheel Magazine was created to by Fifth Wheel owners to help Fifth Wheel owners learn about buying and owning a fifth wheel RV and to take the tips from the pro's to help new owners make better informed buying decisions and get familiar with their rig faster.

Fifth Wheel Magazine is not affiliated with any manufacturers or other corporate owned publications. All of our reviews are based solely on how the product met expectations.

We have seen some really great innovations in the Fifth Wheel and Toy Hauler industry
over the years and have struggled to keep up with the latest trends and information in the industry.

Hence Fifth Wheel Magazine which focuses on keeping Fifth Wheel & Toy Hauler owners up-to-date with the latest trends and new products that are making Fifth Wheeling easier and safer. Plus there are many new people who want to enjoy owning a Fifth Wheel and want more information on what is available.

One of our goals here at Fifth Wheel Magazine is to bridge the gap between the manufacturers and the Fifth Wheel & Toy Hauler owners and new buyers.
By keeping up-to-date with what the manufacturers are doing and how they are working on new designs and features, we intend to keep the Fifth Wheel owners and buyers informed on what new products are coming and what benefits they offer.

We will be introducing factory tours and interviews from the leaders in the industry as to what is new and what to expect in the future. Plus video tours of new models and new products as they are released.

We also focus on safety information as Fifth Wheels & Toy Haulers get bigger and better, so do the safety factors involved with hauling these big rigs.

We hope you enjoy Fifth Wheel Magazine and always look forward to requests and ideas on how we can improve the magazine and provide needed information to you the Fifth Wheel owners around the USA & Canada.


The Fifth Wheel Magazine Team.

2010 All Rights Reserved Fifth Wheel Magazine
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Slime RV & Truck Tire Inflator
Perfect for Dual Wheel Trucks
Inflates to 150 PSI

If you have a truck with dual rear wheels then you will really appreciate the Slime Tire Inflator. The Slime tire inflator screws onto the tire valve so you do not need to hold it while inflating. Regular clip type inflators do not fit onto dual wheels unless valve extensions have been fitted. It also allows for better access to the inner rear wheels tire valve which can be difficult to reach. Perfect for RV tires, will inflate up to 150 PSI
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