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Fifth Wheel RV Central Vacuum

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The Perfect Vacuum for a Fifth Wheel RV

There are a few options for installing a central vacuum in a Fifth Wheel RV. But most of the options require cutting into a part of the 5th wheel to allow for installation of the vacuum system. Below is the best option that we have found, and Fifth Wheel owners are very satisfied with both the price and the usability of the system.

You certainly can't beat a system that you just plug in and it's ready to go. Plus it is easy to move around if you need to, and can easily be stored. When you get home you can take the system into your home and use it there.

The Vac weighs only 9lbs, has a sleek design, is portable, and has excellent suction power. It is fully automatic and senses when you are feeding it some pet hair or dirt.

Easily move it into your RV when traveling and into your home when your RV is parked.

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The Video below shows some of the features of the vacuum