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RV Campground Journal App

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Fifth Wheel Magazine provides an online RV Camping Journal for subscribers, and the journal can be accessed from anywhere that you have internet access, and on any device.
A RV Campground Journal is a great resource to capture information about all of the RV campgrounds you have visited. Often we visit a campground and see a site that has some great features, and we need to remember to book that site next time we visit. Logging particular sites, and the features of the campground provides a resource for when we visit the campground again. Things like cell service and whether the park had water and sewer are important so we know how to plan for a stay in the park. If there is bad cell service then we need to to be able to accomodate for that.

Many RVers like to be able to access their information in Excel, so we have provided an export feature whereby you can export all of your campground entries to Excel with the click of a button.

If you are boondocking you can save valuable information in the RV Campground Journal as boondocking sites are difficult to find again and there are some great sites out there.
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