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More Storage While Saving
Do You Need More Storage Space in Your Fifth Wheel?

Here is a space saving idea that also increases functional storage space.
Many fifth wheels ship with a dining room set that includes the table and four chairs. In many cases the chairs are not functional in the fifth wheel as you come to appreciate when you use the dining set.
The chairs take up valuable space and offer no storage in the fifth wheel. To add more functional seating and add storage you can remove the dining chairs and replace them with two storage ottomans.

Click for list of Storage Ottomans

The Ottoman's offer storage inside and not having the high-backed chairs at the table gives the dining area a nice clean look. It's easier to sit at the table, especially the chairs against the outside wall which normally require sliding over the first chair to sit down.
This particular Ottoman was selling for $49.00 at Wal-Mart with free shipping.
This Ottoman weighed 40 lbs which was about the same as the two chairs that were removed. It is a good idea to watch the weight of the Ottoman's being placed in the dining area as one does not want to increase the weight in the slide.
This Ottoman's top cushions can be removed and then serve as trays providing more functionality in the RV.

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