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Installing a Hub Odometer on Your Fifth Wheel

Installing a Hub Odometer on your Fifth Wheel can help tremendously with tracking service intervals for the Fifth Wheel. Nearly all of us forget how many miles the Fifth Wheel has traveled over a long period of time, and that causes important services to be missed.

Below is a neat gadget called a Hub Odometer. Simply remove one of the Fifth Wheel rims and the odometer can be fitted in the center of the wheel with a supplied center insert.

When you order the Hub Odometer you can have the odometer set to the correct amount of miles for your Fifth Wheel, if you know what those are. For a new Fifth Wheel the odometer will be very beneficial in logging all of the miles the rig is going to accumulate in the future and makes it easier to see when services should occur.

To order a Hub Odometer, you can visit and then select Products on the top menu.


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