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Advantages of a Fifth Wheel

Once your fifth wheel has been unhitched, the tow vehicle is free to be used for other purposes. Unlike a motorhome which requires another vehicle to be towed behind in order to have a vehicle to use while the motorhome is parked, your fifth wheel is completely self contained once the tow vehicle is unhitched

Motorhomes essentially have their own engines and transmissions which require regular maintenance. The towed vehicle has an engine and transmission which also requires regular maintenance. With a fifth wheel you only have one vehicle to maintain. Sometimes a second, smaller vehicle can be driven behind the fifth wheel which provides a possibly more fuel efficient vehicle for adventuring while the fifth wheel is parked and keeps the miles off of the truck. Either way the one or two vehicles used with the fifth wheel are less expensive to maintain than a motorhome.

By design fifth wheels have a large amount of interior space as well as storage space on the exterior of the RV. Once the slides are extended in the fifth wheel it is amazing how much interior space is available. Because the fifth wheel is attached to a heavy duty hitch in the bed of the truck, the fifth wheel can be heavier than a travel trailer and still pulled safely

The interior of a fifth wheel with the slides extended. As you can see the amount of
space that is provided with the slides extended is extensive.

Interior fifth wheel living room with the slides extended. Nearly all of the new model fifth wheels make use of ample window space so that the natural views outside the fifth wheel can be appreciated and help lighten the interior of the fifth wheel. Todays fifth wheels are truly home-away-from-home.

Slime RV & Truck Tire Inflator
Perfect for Dual Wheel Trucks
Inflates to 150 PSI

If you have a truck with dual rear wheels then you will really appreciate the Slime Tire Inflator. The Slime tire inflator screws onto the tire valve so you do not need to hold it while inflating. Regular clip type inflators do not fit onto dual wheels unless valve extensions have been fitted. It also allows for better access to the inner rear wheels tire valve which can be difficult to reach. Perfect for RV tires, will inflate up to 150 PSI
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