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Exceptionally Versatile and Sturdy with Easy No-Drill Fitting.
Can be easily removed when not in use


Add Cargo Space to your Truck

As we all know, it does not take long before we run out of cargo space when loading up the fifth wheel and getting ready to head out on a much needed vacation.U.S.Rack's Heavy Duty Fifth Wheel Truck Rack adds additonal cargo space without interfering with the turning of your fifth wheel. Now you can carry the kayak as well as some extras that will not fit in the truck or in the RV.

Truck Rack Added Features
One of the added features of the truck rack is that it does not require any drilling to attach to your truck. The rack mounts securely using an integrated clamping system. When you want to remove the rack it can be unmounted in less that 10 minutes and then disassembled for more compact storage.

The Heavy Duty Fifth Wheel Truck Rack over-cab extension is about 60" long and fits Dodge, Chevy, and Ford Pickups, including standard, HD, and Super Duty and carries loads of up to 200 lbs. over your cab. Optional deck panels can be mounted on the Heavy Duty model for carrying miscellaneous cargo.
The Unique Truss-design Dual Crossbars feature a rectangular bar the same size and shape of a Thule crossbar on one side and a round bar the same size and shape as a Yakima crossbar on the opposing side. This allows easy installation of Thule, Yakima, Malone or other sport accessories depending on which side you mount on top. The Dual Crossbars also serve as front and back rails to contain cargo or can be removed to carry long cargo such as ladders and lumber.

The Optional Deck Panels support a variety of cargo. Now it's easier than ever to store extra cargo and when you don't need the truck rack simply remove it and stow it for use at a later time.

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