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The Fifth Wheel Hitch
The hitch is located in the bed of the truck over the rear axle. Hitches come in various sizes depending on the weight of the fifth wheel to be towed. Once the fifth wheel has been selected and the correct size truck selected then the last selection is the hitch. The hitch needs to be installed by professionals as it is bolted to the bed and chassis of the truck. The hitch can be removed by removing the locking pins, which allows the bed of the truck to be used for loading as usual. Remember that shortbed trucks require different hitches.

To get an idea of Fifth Wheel hitch sizes and pricing we have compiled this list:
Hitch Sizes and Prices (opens in a new window)

Pro Tip

When you have your hitch installed, make sure that you get a lock for the Hitch Locking Lever. Some hitches do not come with a lock for this lever. This lever locks down on the bar that is used to release the receiver from the fifth wheel pin box. If the locking lever were to come unlatched in transit there is a possibility that the fifth wheel could become unhitched.
An excellent locking mechanism for the hitch locking lever is a common Mountaineer Carabiner that you can find in many stores. Because hitching and unhitching is a procedure that requires some attention, you do not want to put a padlock on the locking lever as finding the key could be a distraction. Try a carabiner out and see if it works for you.

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Save some Time
If you are purchasing a new fifth wheel or toy hauler consider having a MOR/Ryde Pin Box System installed before collecting the rig. The MOR/Ryde Pin Box helps tremendously with uneven road surfaces and interstate expansion joints that cause a constant jerking in the cab of the tow vehicle. Have a look at the video below to see how the pin box system works.
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